The purpose to form Jamia International Foundation (JIF) is to provide a platform where Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni, current students of Jamia and Friends of Jamia around the world can stay in touch with each other. After graduating from Jamia, everyone gets busy in their day to day life and hardly gets much chance to be socially linked with the friends and colleagues from Jamia.

I did my Masters in Social Work from Jamia in 1990. This has been my personal experience that after graduating from Jamia, I have not come across or met many friends from Jamia. I spent some of the best days of my life at Jamia and most of my friends from Jamia feel the same. I would like to meet and be in touch with the people with whom I spend those lovely days. I am sure that all of the Jamia Alumni feel the same but due to the lack of a common platform, this was not possible.

The purpose of JIF is to provide a platform to bring together Jamia Alumni and current students from different batches and departments who are located in different parts of the world. JIF will be the Jamia Alumni's Social Networking platform. I plan to do a number of activities under this umbrella. One of these will be regular meetings and get-togethers to provide an opportunity to people to sit together and exchange views and ideas as well as remember the good old days at Jamia. I also plan to start a Jamia Mentoring initiative where a senior Jamia Alumni can mentor a junior Jamia Alumni in his career development.

I will look forward to your help and support in this regard. This initiative can only be successful if all of you help me in spreading the word. Please tell your friends about it. Ask them to visit the website and register on it. This way, we will soon have a database of Jamia Alumni around the world which will be a very useful network for all of us.

Warm Regards,
Aijaz Ahmad



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Jamia Alumni meet on Friday 20th June 2014 at 6.00pm at the Nehru Centre London.

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